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A Networked Practice

We have an extensive network of connections and referral services, both professional and non-professional, throughout the State, across Australia and overseas. We are able to assist our clients with referrals to many providers in accordance with their needs, including accountants, other specialist legal firms, psychologists, valuers, medical practitioners, accountants, interpreters, financial advisors, and many others.

We have close liaisons with other law firms and resource providers across Australia and in some overseas countries, where we have worked together for the benefit of our clients to achieve the best results. We are therefore able to assist our clients who have interstate and overseas related matters using our vast array of networked contacts and services in those jurisdictions.

We have developed a network with many other professionals ranging from property valuers, to financial planners and psychologists to ensure that each client has the opportunity to benefit of the input from relevant and appropriate advisors in ancillary areas that relate to his or her case.