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Marta Barbayannis

Marta Barbayannis

Marta Barbayannis

Marta Barbayannis was admitted to practice in April 2007. She joined Barbayannis Lawyers in 2009. Prior to that she worked in the family law department at Gadens Lawyers. Marta has a background in litigation having practiced in commercial litigation prior to commencing her career in Family Law. In qualifying for her law degree, Marta gained experience in Family Law, advocacy and international comparative law. She spent time studying law in Prato, whilst living in Florence, Italy.

Marta’s family law practice involves mainly matrimonial and De Facto disputes in respect of both property and children’s matters. Marta enjoys working in an environment in which a variety of issues or sets of facts can arise at any time. Marta has been involved in cases with a wide range of issues, including recovery orders for children, co-parenting vs parallel parenting issues, business valuations, warrants for possession, taxation issues and child support. Her education and background enables her to approach Family Law practice with practical commercial sensibilities, and provide solutions to the increasing complexity of property disputes between married and De Facto partners.

Marta is passionate about her work and she says that family law is a unique area of law that demands a perfect balance between empathy and academia. Marta believes that being a good family lawyer is about knowing her clients’ objectives and pursuing those with vigour within the bounds of the law, while at the same time being sympathetic and cost conscious.

Industry experience

  • Property disputes
  • Financial agreements
  • Domestic and same sex relationships
  • Children’s matters and parenting issues, including infants and young children
  • Child support
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Hague Convention matters


  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Business (Banking and Finance)
  • Admitted to practice in 2007


  • Family Law Section, Law Council of Australia
  • Law Institute of Victoria

Marta is fluent in the Polish language and is currently on maternity leave.